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Power disruptions across the United States are happening more often every year.  Most outages are the result of weather events that are larger, more intense, and occur more frequently. When such situations occur the pressure to reduce the estimated restoration time (ERT) is intense. 
Preparing for and responding to this ever-present threat is a critical responsibility for all utilities. Voyageur Solutions can help you streamline your lodging logistics planning and execution, creating multiple opportunities to reduce these key restoration cost components.

Are you ready for the next Storm?

According to inside energy.org:
the average number of annual power outages has doubled every 5 years since the year 2000


In 2011 Con Edison was seeking a solution to improve their lodging program for internal and external resources during restoration events.  Dirk created the Emergency Lodging Group at Travelliance to focus on this area of opportunity. Hurricane Sandy provided the first major weather and power disruption event. Working as an embedded resource in New York for almost a month, Dirk and his team helped Con Ed successfully navigate the worst disruption in Con Ed’s history, gaining valuable insight and experience through that difficult time.


After Hurricane Sandy, under Dirk's leadership, the Emergency Lodging Group responded and directly participated in over 40 restoration events (large and small) for other clients including Florida Power & Light, Com Ed, and National Grid, helping to improve their lodging programs and developing best practices for the emergency restoration business, including enhanced pre-storm preparation and training of internal client resources.  Designed and launched an automated web-based lodging solution that provided operational control, visibility, reporting, and accountability metrics during power outages. Captured savings through use of preferred providers, rate negotiations, program compliance, room utilization and reduction of internal client resources managing the lodging program.

our services

Voyageur Solutions develops innovative solutions to reduce the time and staff required to locate, book, assign, report and reconcile lodging for restoration events. We provide automation, real-time information and improved accountability, bringing efficiency to the entire restoration business process.

To support and enhance your lodging program our services focus on three key areas of opportunity:

  • Consulting

  • Administrative

  • Research & Analytics




Outside eyes. Engage a neutral set of eyes to review and observe existing programs in action to introduce process improvements and identify opportunities that may have been overlooked. Our services include:


  • Reviewing existing lodging program documentation and preparations.

  • Participating in table top training exercises.

  • Coaching team members to prepare them to communicate with hotels.

  • Working as an embedded team member during events to observe and provide feedback for post event analysis.


Administrative SERVICES


Hands and feet. Utility companies commonly assign their staff members dual work roles with Blue Sky and Dark Sky responsibilities. The workloads associated with Blue Sky roles leave limited time and attention to prepare and train for or to close out post-event Dark Sky responsibilities. Recognizing this we offer the offer the following services:


  • Contract negotiation with preferred hotels.

  • Validation of preferred hotel information.

  • Post-event billing and reconciliation services.

  • Track public events across the service territory that may impact lodging availability.

  • Associate hotels with staging areas to quickly identify the closest lodging options and prioritize them based on services provided.


RESEARCH & AnalyticS


Situational Awareness. Information is power and keeping in sync with changes in the lodging environment within your service territory can prove beneficial as you review and adjust your existing restoration plan. To facilitate access to current lodging market conditions we offer the following services:


  • Researching preferred hotels based on client specifications.

  • Providing current and historical hotel occupancy and rate data for one, select, or all areas of your service territory. 

  • Identifying and exploring alternative lodging options.

  • Researching meal options.

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