Travel management for employee workforces has experienced many forms.  Initially transportation companies like airlines, railroads and trucking internally managed all aspects of their workforce lodging, food and transportation needs across their networks. Beginning in the late 80’s companies began to outsource the management of these critical services to outside companies. 
There’s value hidden in the lessons learned over the past 30 years. With an experienced partner on your team, you can uncover and capture these opportunities.
"T&e expense management is considered the second most difficult operating cost to control."

 SOURCE: "The Power Of Real-Time Insight: How Better Visibility, Data Analytics, and Reporting Can Optimize Your T&E Spend," a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Concur Technologies, May 2014


Dirk was on the ground floor of the transition from internal to external management in the areas of crew lodging and crew transportation:


  • Conceived and launched the Lodging Group managing crew lodging programs for traveling workforces. With attention to detail, superior service and a focus on finding value, the client list expanded to the following Industries: Rail, Trucking, Airline, Construction, Retail, and Medical. Under Dirk's leadership, the group reduced travel spend by establishing preferred vendors, negotiating rates, managing the tax burden, ensuring program compliance, bundling services and innovating through real time reporting and process automation.


  • Started the Transportation Group servicing the needs of railroad crews as the carrier moved and repositioned their crews as needed to operate their rail network. Developed innovative web-based software embedded in the client’s operation to pro-actively manage their crew transportation process in real time. Harvested significant savings in the areas of time performance, supplier consolidation, rate negotiations, elimination of duplicate, unauthorized and unnecessary services, and created accountability for both suppliers and internal customers.

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