Timely two-way communications are valuable and sometimes essential for organizations in situations where a large group of customers, employees or volunteers are increasingly scattered throughout a building, campus, city, state, country or the globe. Having a partner that can facilitate efficient and reliable two-way communication across the technology spectrum provides a vital resource with multiple opportunities to generate value.
are inadequate communications keeping your business grounded?


In 2016 Voyageur Solutions learned of a major airline’s inability to effectively communicate with their deployed staff (Pilots / Flight Attendants) when the airline operations experienced situations that disrupted their normal flight operations.  Upon further research the problem was confirmed and the impact had significant repercussions in terms of employee morale, customer relations, and increased operational costs.


The ideal solution involved replacing a manual time and resource-intensive process with technology that would provide multiple channel, two-way communication across any operating ecosystem allowing customizable notifications for one or multiple work groups feeding a real time reporting system.


The solution that was identified and accepted by the Airline met and exceed all of desired criteria and created significant recurring value for all parties involved. Final implementation of the solution is expected in the second quarter of 2018.

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Voyageur Solutions can partner with you to help you find an innovative, right-sized and reliable solution that will improve your workforce communication and connectivity, leading to cost savings and efficiencies.


Markets with potential benefits from these solutions include Disaster Response, Education, Healthcare and Medical, Project-Based Deployed Workcrews, Event Management, Government, Corporate Travel and Environmental Response.